I’m a design professional with over 15 years of experience creating digital products and service for the web and mobile platforms. I have worked with startups, creative agencies and international organisations in a variety of industries from telecoms, urban planning and mobility to education, logistics and e-commerce. My cross-disciplinary experience in design, product strategy, user research and engineering allows me to effectively run teams, communicate between stakeholders and create viable and elegant solutions to complex business problems.

After several years of freelancing for clients such as Deutsche Telekom, MetaDesign or The Global Fund, I joined UX design firm MING Labs in 2012. Here I was responsible for setting up and running design teams in two offices – first in Berlin, where we grew from zero to 20 people in less than three years, and since 2015 in Singapore.

In 2019 I joined Mobimeo, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, where I designed essen-tial parts of a family of white-label mobility apps, managed a design system and created a design-to-development process infrastructure before taking over the lead of a team of seven product designers.